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Bathroom The Clock Tower
Hotel room with a view over Weesp The Clock Tower
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Hotel room The Clock Tower
Desk with a view The Clock Tower
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The Clock Tower

Visit The Clock Tower for an unforgettable experience! Spend the night at a height of 30 meters with a 360° view over Weesp, Amsterdam, Almere and Hilversum!

You can rest assured that an exceptional stay awaits you. We ensure that a personalized minibar is ready for you, which, just like our luxury breakfast, is always included.

Prices starting from

€ 495,00

The Suite

You can be guaranteed that an excellent stay is waiting for you. We will make sure that a personalized minibar will be ready for you, and the breakfast at The Clock Tower is also always included. A stay in The Clock Tower costs €495. This price also includes the assistance of a personal host, who would love to arrange anything you would wish for!


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that The Clock Tower is located in a church tower on a 30 meters altitude and is only reachable by a 155 steps staircase. Therefore, we would like to advise you to keep this information in mind while packing your luggage.

Bed The Clock Tower
Hotel room The Clock Tower
Desk with a view The Clock Tower
Bed with pillows The Clock Tower

About the stay

Check-in from

15:00 hour

Check out until

12:00 hour


Private parking available




Are not allowed

Number of people

Up to two people

About the suite amenities

35m2 square meter

Large double bed

Lounge sofa


Nespresso machine


Double shower

Fire and smoke detectors

Personalized minibar