Sit down and enjoy the view!

Now including three course dinner served in the room!

In collaboration with various Weesper restaurants, we offer you the option of having a three-course menu served in your room.

During the catering closure you pay no extra costs for this service.

What can you expect during your overnight stay at The Clock Tower: 

– Personal welcome by our host

– Private parking (if desired)

– Charcuterie board or cake at arrival

– Luxurious bathroom with bath at a great altitude

– Richly stocked, personalized minibar which is entirely at your disposal. Let us know what you like and we will arrange it!

– Three-course menu served in the room (your host will display the different menus during check-in).

– A night in the best bed of the world! Our COCO-MAT bed is one you don’t want to get out of in the morning … Thanks to our Nespresso machine in the room, you don’t have to!

– A fantastic luxury breakfast with, among other things, warm egg dishes, delicious hot sandwiches and fresh fruit.

– And all this with a phenomenal view at 30 meters altitude, which you can enjoy until 12:00 the next day! 

In short: The ultimate romantic getaway in challenging times…


*which menus are available per day depends on the opening times of the relevant restaurants

Bath The Clock Tower
Bed with a view over Weesp The Clock Tower
Desk hotel room The Clock Tower